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The Women's Run Shirt 2024 is here! Hold on tight: this year there's adventure in a double pack! 💙

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The shirt for your adventure!

We'll experience it together on May 26, 2024, alongside over 25,000 women and girls!

 We'll wear it together on our skin in the Vienna Prater!

The ASICS Austrian Women's Run Shirt 2024 shines in the color "rich teal," a green of superlatives, a green of adventure! A strong deep color that shifts between blue and green depending on the light. It's a bold statement for outdoor sports! Additional shades of green, a berry color and a vibrant orange continue the adventure theme, representing power and courage.

The inspiration behind the design was YOU! You are the centre of the race—the person who completes the adventure, such as the woman at the center of the motif, unwaveringly running her way and enjoying the adventure.

The surrounding design features the Prater and the various ways to participate in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run. The emotions of the many thousands of other women and girls on the track create a sense of exhilaration, symbolized graphically by ways transforming into a rainbow. All these ways lead to a shared route, a collective adventure on May 26, 2024!

The shirt calls out for adventure and shouts for the future. 

Register by May 9, 2024, to enjoy the thrill of running, secure this year's T-shirt and most importantly, experience your personal adventure! 

The shirt in motion!

Take a look at the shirt on some of our participants and feel the adventure and anticipation of 26 May 2024.

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