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Facts about the event 2024

Here you can find all information about your adventure, the 36th ASICS Austrian Women's Run on May 26, 2024.

The most important information

Women’s Run weekendMay 25 & 26, 2024
WhereVienna, Prater Hauptallee

5k run (Start: 09.00 am)
10k run (Start: 10.25 am)
5k Nordic Walking (Start: 11.05 am)

*Subject to change (Status: February 2024)

RegistrationClick HERE to register
Costs /
Entry Fee

until April 4, 2024:
53,- euro (2006 and older)
38,- euro (2007 and younger)

Overview of entry fee tariffs

Included in the entry fee: 

  • ASICS women's shirt in a unique design
  • Women's Run starter bag with many goodies
  • Warm Up
  • Drinks along the course and at the finish
  • two-day program on the festival meadow
  • Medal, Fairtrade rose, certificate
  • and much more

Distance & Courses

Flat, quick and full of atmosphere – these are the courses at the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®. You can choose between 3 competitions over 5k or 10k through the green Prater in Vienna. Both courses are flat and in form of circuits. They are perfect for beginners as well as advanced runners.

Run as fast as you want! You can also walk during the race. There is no time limit!


  • Start at 09.00 am
  • warm up
  • 1 refreshment station
  • bands along the course
  • ideal for beginners too


  • Start at 10.25 am
  • warm up
  • 3 refreshment stations along the course
  • Many bands for more entertainment & motivation
  • Pacemakers for all starting block



  • Start at 11.05 am
  • 1 refreshment station
  • Perfect for those who prefer to walk


On May 25 & 26, 2024, there will be a lot going on here, the Pierre de Coubertin Platz and the Olympiaplatz around the Ernst Happel Stadium will be the center of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run with festival area, race number distribution, VIP area and co. We provide you with an overview of the event area.

You can download and print the course and site map.
Subject to changes

Age categories

Age group

Year of birth


Age group

Year of birth

W 9

2015 and younger


W 40

1980 - 1984

W 11

2013 - 2014


W 45

1975 - 1979

W 13

2011 - 2012


W 50

1970 - 1974

W 15

2009 - 2010


W 55

1965 - 1969

W 17

2007 - 2008


W 60

1960 - 1964

W 19

2005 - 2006


W 65

1955 - 1959

W 20

2000 - 2004


W 70

1950 - 1954

W 25

1995 - 1999


W 75

1945 - 1949

W 30

1990 - 1994


W 80

1940 - 1944

W 35

1985 - 1989


W 85

1939 and older

All participants will automatically be ranked individually! During the largest Austrian award ceremony, the first three finishers in each age group will receive a prize. In the Nordic Walking competition there are no age groups, the finishers will be listed alphabetically with name and time.



  • Individual classification per age group 5 km (incl. NW) u. 10 km
  • Female friends 5 km (incl. NW) u. 10 km
  • Families 5 km (incl. NW) u. 10 km
  • Companies 5 km (incl. NW) u. 10 km
  • teachers 5 km u. 10 km
  • Girls 5 km
  • Elite competition 5 km
  • Valuation for visually impaired and deaf people


For years we have been offering a special classification. Because together with the Stadt Wien we would like to continue to make it possible and easier for people with disabilities to participate in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run® under the motto „Wien - Bewegung findet Stadt“. Write to for more information.


A team comprises at least 5, in the family competition at least 3 women or girls, who are registered for the same distance and appear on the results list. Explanation: The 5 or 3 individual times, respectively, are added to give the total time of the team.

An example: A team has registered 11 women, which means there are two teams in the competition. The 5 fastest women are included in the first team, the other 5 are included in the second team. The eleventh place finisher is ranked individually.

PLEASE NOTE: Please pay attention to the exact same spelling of team name!



All runners - also team runners - are scored individually and appear in the result. For the team ranking, the 5 or 3 individual running times are added together to give the total time of the team.

Example: If a team has entered a total of 11 participants, this results in two teams for the scoring. The fastest 5 runners will be counted towards the first team's score, the next 5 will be assigned to the second team. The eleventh-placed runner will only be scored individually.


Online registration

Online registration starts on March 2, 2024

School registration

Motivated students and teachers have the opportunity to participate together as a school in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run.

For school registration please contact us by mail at

Registration forms for the school & teacher ranking can only be requested by schools.

Group/Company Registration

You want to start together as a company or group at the ASICS Austrian Women's Run? We offer the possibility of a group registration as well as other specials on the day of the run, such as a cool team lounge. A group/company registration simplifies the registration and payment process for you.

For more information please write to


All entry fee rates are valid for the event in the Prater, as well as for the virtual run.


 Age group 2006 and olderAge group 2007 and younger
until March 26, 2024€ 49,-€ 35,-
until April 7, 2024€ 53,-€ 38,-
until April 28, 2024€ 57,-€ 42,-
until May 9, 2024€ 59,-€ 44,-


  • ASICS women's shirt in a unique design (functional ASICS women's shirt in a fitted women's cut made of recycled polyester).
  • original race number
  • Women's Run starter bag with many goodies from our sponsors and partners
  • two-day program on the festival meadow
  • Drinks along the course and at the finish
  • Medal
  • A Fairtrade rose at the finish
  • Possibility to drop off clothes
  • Year-round participation in the women's running trainings
  • Printable finisher certificate

* only at the event in the Prater or when picking up the starting documents. Here you can find the entry fee package for the virtual run if you specify the postal service.


You can't be at the 36th ASICS Austrian Women's Run in the Prater? Don't worry! 

Also this year there is the possibility to participate virtually parallel to the event on site. 

This way you will be there virtually:

  1. When registering, select the virtual edition.
  2. All information about the virtual run will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as possible.
  3. In the course of the registration you can choose the postal delivery* for the starting documents. However, you can also pick them up yourself at the race number distribution on Saturday, May 25, 2024, or have someone pick them up for you by proxy.
  4. On May 26, 2024, you will run the 5 k or 10 k at the location of your choice and record the distance covered with our Women's Run app or your own GPS tracker. After your run, the Women's Run app will automatically upload your result. You can also enter your finish time manually in the results list. We will send you the upload link in advance.
  5. Your digital certificate is ready for you to download and your commemorative medal is already in your hands - because every participant is a winner!

Subject to changes

*included in the entry fee for postal shipping

  • original ASICS women's running shirt in unique design (functional ASICS women's running shirt in fitted women's cut made of recycled polyester)
  • original race number
  • Partner booklet with vouchers from our sponsors and partners
  • Women's Run medal
  • Women's Run app
  • printable certificate
  • Year-round participation in the women's race trainings


Schuh mit Chip

A chip is required for timekeeping at the ASICS Austrian Women's Run® 2024.

During the online registration you can enter the number of your Champion- or Pentek Chip.


In the course of the online registration a rental chip will be registered automatically. The rental fee is EUR 4,90 and will be charged together with the entry fee.

  • The rental chip is enclosed with the starting documents.
  • The chip return takes place in the finishing area where the rental chips can simply be thrown into the return boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: No time measurement without a chip! Without a time measurement, it is not possible to compete! Time keeper: PENTEK timing GmbH

Clothes drop-off

For safety reasons, clothes can only be handed in in the official, transparent clothes bag (dimensions 45 x 50 cm). You can order this bag at the registration and will receive the bag at the race number distribution. If you need a garment bag but did not order one, you can buy one at the festival area for EUR 2,-.

Good to know: The clothes drop-off bag can be reused in the coming years as well!

The clothing drop-off is on Sunday, May 26, 2024, in the Ernst Happel Stadium Sector F is open from 7:30 - 13:00.



... subway

Take the subway line U2 to the STADION station. From there it is only a 200 m walk across the Olympiaplatz directly to the event area.*

... tram

Take streetcar line 1 to the terminus "Prater Hauptallee", from there it's about a 1 k walk to the festival grounds.**

... bus

On Saturday, May 25, 2024 with bus line 77A to the station "Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz".***

... car Park near a metro station and use public transport for the last stretch.****

* Please use only the existing event exits and entrances when arriving and departing at the Stadion subway station. To ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly, we ask you not to use the station area as a meeting point.

** Line 1 will be run short on May 26, 2024 from 8:40 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will end at Hintere Zollamtstraße station.


To ensure that you are fit and rested for the ASICS Austrian Women's run, we recommend that you book a room at a hotel in the vicinity of the event location or within easy reach by public transport.

Event location: Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz, 1020 Vienna (next to Ernst Happel Stadium)

*** Bus line 77A will be routed via the A23 in both directions until 1:30 p.m. on May 26, 2024 and will not stop at Prater!

**** For organizational reasons, Meiereistraße & Stadionallee between Vorgartenstraße & Lusthausstraße will be closed on May 25 & 26, 2024! Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away for a fee! 
Parking ban May 26, 2024: Lusthausstraße, Rustenschacherallee, Rotundenallee, parts of Stadionallee and around the Lusthaus.

Women's Run Weekend


Immerse yourself in a magical weekend full of power, inspiration, joy and cohesion. You can also learn about your body, fitness level and various nutrition tips from our various exhibitors on May 25 & 26, 2024.

Adrenaline, fun and delicious food are on the agenda. What you, your friends and your family can expect and what you can experience and try out yourself, you can discover here soon.


PS: Maybe there will also be a wheel of fortune or two on the ground.

Additional information

  • The event takes place in any weather
  • The race number has to be attached visibly to the shirt on the chest and must not be changed.
  • The course is clearly marked and guarded by personnel. 
  • Medical service: Arbeiter Samariter Bund
  • The Organizer does not accept any liability for damage to persons (injuries in particular) or property.
  • The race is registered at the Austrian Athletic Federation.

    Subject to changes