Your shirt 2019

The journey, the personal development of each participant and the soaring sporting and emotional flight associated therewith are what we want to depict on this year's shirt design. The central motif consists of pairs of dragonfly wings! The result is a graphically fragile but, at the same time, powerful image. The pairs of dragonfly wings symbolize the joy of taking off, stand for lightness; and the arrangement of the wings "coming closer" (from top left to bottom right) clarifies the process, the journey and the arrival at the finish - at the 32nd ASICS Austrian Women's Run®.

In nature, no two dragonfly wings are the same - as with fingerprints, each wing is unique. Also our participants – the starting field – stand for uniqueness and variety.

The bold colour (flash coral) of this year's shirt reinforces the soaring flight of our starters. The same as last year, we are going to stay with the motif in the colour canon of the ASICS summer collection 2019. We are looking forward to it! Enjoy the journey!

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