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Accompanying a runner

Accompanying a participant is fundamentally prohibited and can lead to the runner being disqualified.

Age limit

There is no age limit. The decision as to whether the child is able to run or walk 5k lies with the parents or guardians.


We request that, while in Vienna, you dispense with your car and only make use of public transport (Wiener Linien).

How to get to the issuing of bibs and to the “Festwiese” (festival site) at Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz, as well as to the start:

  • With the metro line U2 to the STADION stop, then walk approx. 200 m across Olympiaplatz directly to the event area.
  • With the tram line 1 to the terminus “Prater Hauptallee,” then walk approx. 1 km to the event area.
  • With the number 77A bus to the stop Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz
  • Routes to the start:
    • Please take not that it will NOT be possible to cross the finishing area at Olympiaplatz on Su., 21 May.
    • Access to the starting blocks: PLEASE NOTE – for organizational reasons, access to the starting blocks will take place from both sides but alternatingly, e.g. in running direction A – from the left, B – from the right, C – from the left, D – from the right, … (see also the site plan)

Please only use automobiles when no other form of transport is possible!

From Praterstern - Ausstellungsstraße - Perspektivstraße - Messestraße- Parkhaus (parking garage) A (1400 parking spaces)
From the A23: Exit Handelskai - Meiereistraße – Vorgartenstraße- Trabrennstraße - Parkhaus (parking garage) D (1900 parking spaces)

PLEASE NOTE: For organizational reasons, both Meiereistraße and Stadionallee will be closed to traffic between Vorgartenstraße and Lusthausstraße on 26 and 27 May 2018.

Parking facilities
We request that you park further away, e.g. in Perspektivstr., Vorgartenstr. or somewhere similar. Parkhaus A in Perspektivstraße has 1400 parking spaces, Parkhaus D in Trabrennstraße has 1900 parking spaces and, in the Stadioncenter, there are 1200 parking spaces with 3 hours free parking! Buses may park on the official bus parking lot in Perspektivstraße.

PLEASE NOTE – All illegally parked vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense by the relevant authorities!

Parking ban: 27 May 2018: Lusthausstraße, Rustenschacherallee, Rotundenallee, parts of Stadionallee, in the vicinity of the Lusthaus

Changing data on an existing registration

Changes of names and data are only possible up until 23-04-2018! No starting places can be transferred to other women and girls after this date.

Check your health - Medical Center on 26 May – Women’s Run EXPO

You have a cold and are not sure if you will be able to start on the day of the run? Or you are in pain and are not certain if you should run at all? Then please make use of the Medical Center in the course of the Women’s Run EXPO – our free of charge, last minute place to go for acute medical problems. The teams of experts led by Dr. Robert Fritz of the “SPORTordination” consists of sports physicians, sports scientists, sport traumatologists, orthopedists, internists, general physicians and physiotherapists who are making their expertise available free of charge.


On Sunday from 08h00 to 12h30 there is entertainment for children aged 2 and upwards. Fathers and relatives are also welcome. For organizational reasons, the “smallest ones” (2-3 years old) must be registered by in advance.

Children’s Run

The Saturday before the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run belongs entirely to the kids! Bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. to the Women’s Run venue because not only the little ones’ eyes light up at the Children’s Run, so do those of the grown-ups! All children up to the age of 10, whether tall or short, large or small, with or without a handicap, can participate in the Children’s Run on 26 May 2018. The very young (up to 5 years old) may be accompanied on the course by an adult.

Again, there is a lot happening in the Children’s Run area: Whether it’s the bouncing castle, games of skill, handicrafts, painting or children’s make-up – there is always something happening at the information and adventure stands!

Complete information concerning the Children’s Run can be found at


Participants can choose between the running distance of 5k and 10k. In addition to the running competitions, we also offer the possibility of participating in a Nordic Walking competition over 5k.

Conditions of participation

Girls and women may participate – whether beginners, hobby runners or active sportswomen (with or without belonging to a club). Participants may also walk from time to time. Walkers have their own Nordic Walking competition. There is no time limit.

The complete conditions of participation are to be found on our website.

Confirmation of registration – which bib (start) number do I have?

All participants who have registered online for the 31st ASICS Austrian Women’s Run will receive an email on 16 May 2018 containing their confirmation of registration and their personal bib (start) number, all details concerning the collecting of bibs and the event weekend. Please print this confirmation and bring it with you when collecting your bib.

Course and terrain: Where is the start located and what route does the run take?

Once you have arrived at the Women's Run village, you cross Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz and go to the "Prater Hauptallee". The start is located on the "Prater Hauptallee" in Vienna's 2nd Bezirk (district), about 1k from the crossing where the Stadionallee meets the Prater Hauptallee in the direction of the Lusthaus.

TAKE NOTE For organisational reasons, access to the start blocks is on both sides, on an alternating basis. For example, in running direction A - from the left, running direction B - from the right, C - from the left, D - from the right, ...for this purpose, see also the plan of the site!

Please note that it is NOT possible to cross the finishing section of the running course, at Olympiaplatz (the square located at the exit from the U-Bahn metro station "Stadion = "stadium” on U2 line) on Sunday 27 May.

Depositing clothes

You will be able to deposit your belongings for the duration of the run at Ernst Happel Stadium (sector F). This can take place from 07h30 onwards. Please remember to keep all the utensils that you will need for the run at hand. After depositing your belongings, you will only be able to collect them again after the run (again, due to organizational factors). The deposited articles must be collected by 1 pm at the latest! Please do not hand in any valuables. The organizers assume no liability for any damages or losses. Articles that have not been collected from the cloakroom will be stored by the organizers until the end of June.

Disqualification, respectively being excluded / expelled from the event

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify a participant at any time should said participant supply false information concerning her personal data while registering, respectively when a runner participates with a false starting number. Also, starting from a starting block further forward than the one allocated will lead to disqualification. Over and above this, the organizers reserve the right to reject registrations without giving any reasons.

Distribution of starting bags and T-shirts

How do I obtain my starting documents on 26 and 27 May?

1. With your confirmation of registration (sent by e-mail on 10 May) about the handing out of starting numbers (bibs) (in the large white tent at Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz, 1020 Vienna) – Here you will receive your starting documents as well as the time-measuring chip, should you not be in possession of one.

2. To collect your starting bag with presents from our sponsors and partners simply turn left after exiting the tent and go behind the bib distribution tent.

3. You will receive your Women’s Run Nike T-shirt on the festival grounds opposite the stage.

Please take note: Already take your starting number out of its envelope to show when collecting your T-shirt. This helps to reduce the waiting time. Thank you!

Fan Zone “be supported – let yourself be cheered on”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your family friends or acquaintances – let yourself be cheered on energetically at the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run! There are gratis fan placards available for all the participants and their accompanying supporters at the information stands, which can then be individually decorated.

From the start, via the track, until the finish: Go for it – be supported!


  • The starting number must be worn on the chest, be clearly visible and may not be changed.
  • Every kilometre is clearly marked by means of sign-boards on both routes. Both the kilometres and the routes appear thereon, e.g. 1k – 5k route, 3k– 10k route, ...
  • On the 10k route, the intermediate time will be measured at the 5k mark.
  • Please do not remain stationary in the finishing area and wait for other runners but rather leave the finishing area as quickly as possible!
  • Entry fees will not be refunded in the event of non-participation.

Handing out of starting numbers (bibs) – When and where do I get my bib?

The collection of the starting documents including the time-measuring chip, the starting bags with many presents, as well as the Women’s Run T-shirts takes place exclusively on the weekend of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run:

Saturday, 26 May: 09h30 to 19h00
Sunday, 27 May: 07h30 to 08h30

Women’s Run Village at Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz in 1020 Vienna – ideally reachable with the U2 metro line, stop “Stadion.” The village is located next to Ernst Happel Stadium.

Medical service

Our event is attended to by the Arbeiter Samariterbund Leopoldstadt. On Saturday there will be a first-aid station at Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz, on Sunday there will be a large supply tent on the left near the finish as well as flexible supply points along the route. See the plan of the grounds and routes.

In an emergency, all the paramedics and ASICS Austrian Women’s Run personnel can be reached. If you need any help along the route, please either contact one of the track marshals or ask another runner to do this or call 144, the emergency ambulance number.

Meeting Points – your place to meet after the run

It is not easy, with more than 35,000 runners and thousands of spectators, to find one another after the run. The Family Meeting Points along the practice grounds – lettered from A to Z – offer the possibility of meeting at a clear point. Please do not wait at the exit of the finishing area! Experience has shown that waiting accompanying persons are usually the cause of congestion at the end.

Lost property

Please hand in all items of lost property to (and collect them from) the “Infostand” [information stand] before the bibs (starting numbers) are handed out. Items of lost property which have not been collected will be kept for collection by the organizers until the end of June.

Refreshments along the route and at the finish

Every runner will receive sufficient refreshment (Vöslauer ohne) along the route and at the finish. The 10 km route has an additional refreshment stall, thus bringing the number of refreshment points up to 3!

The refreshment points are to be found here:

  • 5 km competition: before km 2,5 
  • 10 km competition: at km 4,5, km 6,2 and km 8 (additionally  Gatorade)
  • In addition, every participant will also additionally receive still mineral water at the finish. Out of consideration for the runners and walkers coming after you, you are requested to only take one beverage.

Please note the following tips:

  • Drink enough in advance of the run (the day before!) – you can thus forestall the sensation of thirst during the run! Remember – you are going to be running/walking either 5 or 10 km – therefore drink enough at the refreshment points, but not too much. By the way, it is also worthwhile practicing drinking on the previous training runs!
  • When stopping at one of the refreshment points, please do not immediately remain standing at the 1st table. 15 (!) tables have been placed on both sides at the first refreshment point (km 2,5 on the 5 km route, that is km 4,5 on the 10 km route).


The registration for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run 2018 takes place online on our website and can be done from 3 March. Registrations sent by post or fax will not be accepted for organizational reasons. Please contact our if you want make a group (20 persons or more) or school registration.

Results and certificates

The link to the results can be found on our website after the run. Go directly into the list of results and click on the certificate symbol next to your name – you will then be able to print your personal certificate.


Both circuits are level, with the 5 km route being ideal for beginners. The 10 km route is one of the fastest in Austria – around the Lusthaus, through the verdant Viennese Prater and next to the Ernst Happel Stadium to the finish!

Running time by SMS

If you wish, your running time will be sent free of charge to your mobile phone by SMS directly after you have reached the finish!

How does this work? You will receive a code together with your confirmation of registration (sent by e-mail on 16 May) with which you can “attach” a mobile phone number to your bib (starting) number. This can be done until 08h00 on 27 May 2018 at


  • Please only go to the start if you feel absolutely healthy on the day of the run. If you are already uncertain on the day before the run, please make use of the free of charge service provided by the SPORTordination team in the Medical Center
  • Please inform yourself about the impending weather conditions and ensure that you are appropriately  dressed. Warm clothes can also burden the body.
  • Please fill out the emergency situation details on the back of your starting number (bib) before the run.
  • Please remember that your bib is your distinct identity document during the run. Passing your bib on to another person can, in an emergency, have severe consequences.
  • Please only start, for your own safety and out of fairness, from the starting area stated on your bib.
  • Please break off the run if you do not feel well while running, and seek out one of the first-aid stations

Showers and change rooms

These are to be found in the Ernst Happel Stadium (entrance sector E)

Starting block & Nordic Walking

In order to continuously maintain the quality of the running course in spite of the constantly increasing number of participants, the organizers of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run already developed the block start over ten years ago. For this system to function as intended, it is absolutely necessary that all participants start from the starting blocks allocated to them. The allocation of starting blocks occurs at the registration in accordance with the indicated finishing time. The allocated starting block can be seen on the starting number (bib) which you will receive on 26/27 May in the course of the distributions of the bibs. As every year participants start from incorrect starting blocks, we would at the outset like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • You must at all costs start from the starting block to which you have been allocated! Runners who start from a starting block which is further forward than the one allocated to them will, according to the rules of participation, be disqualified!
  • All Nordic Walkers are also instructed to start from the starting block (NW) allocated to them at the appointed time (11h10). Nordic Walkers may not start from the starting blocks allocated to the running competitions.
  • Running with Nordic Walking sticks is not permitted.
  • Walking is, naturally, also possible without Nordic Walking sticks.

Time keeping

Timekeeping will be carried out by Pentek Timing by means of ChampionChip. The net time will be measured. This means that your personal timekeeping only begins once you have crossed the starting line and not with the starting gong. You must run with a computer chip in the shoe lacing for the timekeeping to be effective. NOTE: Without a chip there can be no timekeeping and thus no team score!

The results will be made available as soon as possible on the day of the event on

Due to the block start, no exact placing can be ascertained at the time of running to the finish. This can only be found on the website after the event has ended.

Vienna Teen Race

On 26 May 2018, the Vienna Teen Race will take place in the Prater in Vienna under the motto “You are faster than you think.” Here all teens (11-12 years old) and tweens (13-15 years old) can show what they are made of. The run promises to be a cool event with its professional time measuring, own programme, DJ Set, finisher bags and presentation.

More information

Waste separation

Please help to keep the festival grounds and the Prater clean by disposing of your waste in the containers provided therefore, but only after separating your waste into waste paper, metal, plastic bottles and residual waste. The environment thanks you!


Sufficient mobile toilets have been placed in the event area and en route to the start. We request that you do not queue at the very first WCs directly in the vicinity of the festival area, especially directly before the start.

Women’s Run Edition – During the registration I ordered articles. Where and when will I receive them?

All the articles which you ordered while registering online for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run should be collected on the event weekend at the wmns running store in the event area (i.e. the goods will not be dispatched in advance!)

Women's Run EXPO: Where is it located and how do I get there?

On the weekend of the run, the Women's Run EXPO is the attraction for all participants! This is the location where the start numbers and T-shirts are given out, and for the company exhibition and the Women's Run Stage.

The Women's Run village is located at Pierre-de-Coubertin-Platz in 1020 Vienna, between the Ernst Happel Stadium and the Prater Hauptallee (= Prater main avenue).

The best suggestion is that you use public transport!

Taking the U-Bahn (metro) line U2, you get to the Women's Run village quickly and comfortably: take the U2 line to the station STADION ( = STADIUM) and then walk circa 200m via the Olympiaplatz directly onto the site of the event.

Alternatively you can also take the Straßenbahn line 1 / (S-Bahn train line) to the terminus station "Prater Hauptallee" and then walk circa 1 k onto the site of the event (please note: Line 1 is operating briefly on 27 May because of the Women's Run; it ends at the station "Hintere Zollamtstraße"!)

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