The conditions of participation apply to all participants of the runs (5k, 10k or 5k Nordic Walking) at the ASICS Austrian Women's run®. Participation conditions, as amended and published at the time of registration, govern the legal relationship entered into upon registration between a participant and the organizer.

In addition, ‘Competition Rules for the Elite Run' apply to those national and international elite athletes who were invited to participate in the 5k elite run.

Organizer of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run® is the Österreichischer Frauenlauf GmbH.

The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

A. Competition rules

1. All persons who are female (women and girls) within the meaning of the law and who have duly registered with the organisers for one of the competitions.

2. The event and the competitions are held rain or shine. In the event of ‘imminent danger' the organizer, however, reserves the right to terminate the competitions prematurely without entitlement of the participants to any refund of entry fees (e.g., severe weather, acts of God, terrorism, etc.).

3. Participation in any competition using other exercise equipment is not allowed. Sports equipment of any kind, including, for example, inline skates, bikes, etc., which may affect the safety or health of participants and visitors of the event, are not permitted.

4. For safety reasons, participation with wheelchairs or hand bikes, accompanying on bicycles, inline skates and other means of transportation and the carrying of strollers and animals is not permitted.

5. The use of of Nordic Walking poles is only permitted for the Nordic Walking competition. Running with Nordic Walking poles is not permitted for security reasons.

6. Participants may not be accompanied by men or non-registered persons.

7. Please follow the organizer's start instructions (by race number).

8. The personal official race number must not be changed (reduced in size, folded, pasted, etc.) or the printed advertising must not be made invisible or unrecognizable. The personal race number must be worn on the chest.

9. Transferring a personal race number to a third person without simultaneously changing the data is not permitted and leads to disqualification. Please bear in mind that the race number is required to identify you in case of emergency.

10. Failure to comply with one or more of the above points 3 to 9 will lead to disqualification of the respective participant. Authorized staff may eliminate participants who violate these rules at any time from the run.

11. The instructions of the organizer and event staff must be strictly adhered to. Participants who disturb the event or endanger the safety of other participants may be excluded from the competition and/or disqualified by the organizer.

12. If medically indicated, the organizer, event staff or the staff of the delegated medical service are entitled to prohibit participants from participation or from continuing to participate in the event.

13. A chip is needed for the timekeeping at the ASICS Austrian Women's Run®. For all competitions and categories (5k, 10k, 5k Nordic Walking) time keeping is carried out by PENTEK timing GmbH with a ‘chip system'. If a runner do not have an own chip, then a rental chip will automatically be registered for the participant during the online registration. The Pentek Timing GmbH rental fee is EUR 4,- and will be automatically booked, together with the entry fee, during the registration. No time without a chip. Without a time, it is not possible to compete as a team.

B. Organizational details

1. You may only register through the online registration system at or by using the official registration form by mail (PO Box 17, 1006 Vienna) or by fax (+43 1 7138786-16). Registrations by e-mail or phone will not be accepted.

2. The entry fee is chronologically phased and can be seen on With any type of registration the entry fee may be remitted by credit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners Club) or one time direct debit authorization (only Austrian bank accounts). With online registration direct debit takes place via Hobex AG. In the event of non-payment of debit, the participant agrees upon registration that upon request the organizers may disclose to Hobex AG the full name, address and birth date of the participant.

3. The registration for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run is binding under all circumstances. In case of hindrance of any kind, i.e. non-participation, withdrawing one’s registration is not possible. A withdrawal of registration is only possible in accordance with the legal limitations as set out in ABGB and KSchG, for example if one was misled during the registration or if the registration took place under duress. Please note that registering for the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run is not subject to the Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz (FAGG). § 18 Abs. 1 Zif. 10 FAGG regulates that the law on contracts concerning the rendering of services in connection with recreational activities, which also include sports and running events, does not apply. This means that a fourteen-day right of revocation and return is precluded. Refunding of the entry fee is solely possible if a cancellation insurance policy, which is offered during the registration procedure, has been taken out and only in accordance with the insurance conditions mentioned therein.

4. Athletes wishing to participate in several competitions (5km competition and 10km competition or Nordic Walking competition) have to register and pay their entry fees separately for each competition.

5. Participants will be charged for bank fees due to incorrect, incomplete or illegible data.

6. Due to organizational reasons duplicate registrations cannot be ruled out. In this case, participants are not entitled to reimbursement of the entry fee, however, the name or other data may be changed - this is possible until April 28, 2019.

7. Data modifications can generally be effected until 28 April 2019. All data modifications thereafter after are prohibited without exception.

8. The organizer in its sole discretion reserves the right to limit the number of participants due to organizational reasons. Registrations received after the defined limit has been reached may be rejected by the organizer. Registrations will be processed according to the date received.

9. After the registration deadline on 28 April 2019, each participant will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail. This must be printed out and brought to the race bib distribution. The starting documents will only be handed over once the printed confirmation of registration and a personal and official identity document have been shown. When collecting the race bib documents for another participant, a personally signed authorization on the confirmation of registration, and a copy of said person’s official identity document with photograph need to be presented. 

10. The organiser is entitled to disqualify participants or exclude them from the event if, during registration, they knowingly gave false personal information that is relevant for the assessment of their sporting performance and/or if they have been banned from a national or international association or by NADA or WADA, and/or they have already been banned for more than 6 months due to a doping violation, and/or violate anti-doping laws in place at the time of registration.

11. If a person who does not meet these criteria for participation and/or meets the criteria that can lead to disqualification or exclusion nonetheless registers for the ASICS Austrian Women's Run in whatever form this may have taken (online, written or as part of a group registration), no legal agreement will have been entered into between that person and the organiser.

C. Disclaimer

1. By registering for the ASICS Austrian Women's Run each participant accepts the disclaimer of the organizer or organizers for damages of any kind. The organizer is not liable for property damage and financial losses.

2. By registering for the ASICS Austrian Women's Run each participant declares to hold harmless the organizer, organizers and sponsors of the Austrian Women's Run or their representatives, from any and all claims for damages or injuries of any kind that may arise from participation in the Austrian Women's Run .

3. If the organizer is required by order of the authorities, for security reasons or in cases of force majeure to make changes in the execution of the event or to cancel it altogether, participants are not entitled to compensation by the organizer.

4. The organiser assumes no liability for any objects deposited and stored by a participants in the official cloakroom offered by the organiser or for any objects entrusted to any third parties engaged by the organiser.

5. The organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participants in connection with participation in a competition of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run. Each participant is responsible for prior medical check-up of her health.

6. The organiser reserves the right to deny participation in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run to anyone for her own protection, if pre-existing medical conditions are known to the organiser and if a participation in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run would constitute an additional health risk for that person in the opinion of the organiser. In this connection the organiser is entitled to demand a medical certificate from such persons confirming that it is safe for them to participate.

D. Personal Data

1. By registering, each participant agrees to the automatic storage of all personal and payment data required for the execution and completion of the event.

2. By registering, the participant agrees to accept that parts (name, first name, year of birth, nationality, team/club, distance and time) of personal data may be published in starter and result lists on the Internet, in the official results booklet and through notices on the event grounds.

3. In connection with participation in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run, the organizer can use publish and disseminate photographs, film footage and interviews of the participants without any remuneration in broadcasts on radio and television, print media, internet, advertising, books, photo copies, films, video cassettes, etc.

4. By registering, the participant agrees that she may receive event-related information via mail or e-mail from the organizers. Except for reasons stated in A.13 and B.2., personal data is not disclosed to third parties.

5. By taking out a cancellation insurance policy when registering, the candidate declares herself in agreement that her personal details will be passed on to the insurance company.

E. Conditions for one time debit

The amounts debited from the account are not limited. The account holder's bank is entitled to return checks, especially if funds in the account are insufficient. In such a case, the payee is notified. Partial payments are not acceptable. The account holder's bank is authorized to cancel the transaction if funds in the account are insufficient. In such a case, the payee is notified. By passing of this transaction to the payee the account holder's bank does not assume any liability. The client cannot assert any claims with respect to charges under this transaction against the account holder's bank. Objections relating to the debit of the underlying transaction are solved directly between the client and the payee. This transaction is revocable. A revocation of the transaction shall apply from the date of receipt by the bank holding the account. At the same time the client must notify the payee. In all other respects, the ‘Terms and Conditions of the Austrian credit institutions', as amended, apply. The entry fee is non-refundable.

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