Your chip for your timekeeping

A chip is needed for the timekeeping at the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®.

If you have your own Champion Chip, then simply enter your Champion Chip’s number during the online registration.

If you don’t have your own Chip, then a rental chip will automatically be registered during the online registration. The Pentek Timing GmbH rental fee is EUR 4,– and will be automatically booked, together with the entry fee, during the registration.

Your advantages:

  • The rental chip is enclosed with the starting documents
  • Both the chip distribution time and the chip deposit are dispensed with
  • The chip return takes place in the finishing area where the rental chips can simply be thrown into the return boxes
  • Thus no time is lost waiting to return the chips


  • No time without a chip!
  • Without a time, it is not possible to compete as a team!

Time keeper: PENTEK timing GmbH

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