Individual Class Competition

All participants will automatically be ranked individually!


Age group Year of birth Age group Year of birth
W 9 2011 and after W 40 1976 - 1980
W 11 2009 - 2010 W 45 1971 - 1975
W 13 2007 - 2008 W 50 1966 - 1970
W 15 2005 - 2006 W 55 1961 - 1965
W 17 2003 - 2002
W 60 1956 - 1960
W 19 2001 - 2002 W 65 1951 - 1955
W 20 1996 - 2000 W 70 1946 - 1950
W 25 1991 - 1995 W 75 1941 - 1945
W 30 1986 - 1990 W 80 1936 -1940
W 35 1981 - 1985 W 85 1935 and before

During the largest Austrian award ceremony, the first three finishers in each age group will receive a prize.

In the Nordic Walking Event, there are no age groups!

Team Competition

In addition to the individual competition, there may also be team competition.

The following categories are offered:

Ranking and Distance

Friends 5k (including NW) and 10k
Families 5k (including NW) and 10k
Companies 5k (including NW) and 10k
Teachers 5k and 10k
Students 5k

A team comprises at least 5, in the family competition at least 3 women or girls, who are registered for the same distance and appear on the results list. Explanation: The 5 or 3 individual times, respectively, are added to give the total time of the team.

An example: A team has registered 11 women, which means there are two teams in the competition. The 5 fastest women are included in the first team, the other 5 are included in the second team. The eleventh place finisher is ranked individually.

PLEASE NOTE: Please pay attention to the exact same spelling of team name!

Family Competition

In addition to our friends and company competition we offer also a family competition! Run or walk with your daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, niece, cousin or aunt in a three women team motivating each other!

The three results are added to give the total time of the team! Simply specify at registration a joint team or family name under family competition and you are part of this competition! Please note that all must be registered for the same run! Of course, each participant will also be ranked individually!

Elite Competition

For the 5k elite competition, the organizer invites national and international elite athletes. In addition to the general conditions of participation also the ‘Competition Rules for the Elite Run.' apply.

Competition for the visually impaired and deaf

Since many years a competition for the visually impaired an deaf is offered. Together with the City of Vienna - under the slogan ‘Vienna - a city in motion' - we want to enable people with disabilities to participate in the ASICS Austrian Women's Run®. Further details are available in the women´s race office.

School Competition

Special package for students and teachers! Last year 4.686 students and teachers from 142 schools participated.

For organizational reasons, participation in the school competition is only offered for the 5k run. The teacher competition is offered for the 5k and 10k runs, respectively.

The 5k run starts at 9:00 am in the Prater.

Further details are available in the women´s race office.

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