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ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®


At the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® it’s about more than running – it’s about solidarity, courage, recognition and about setting goals. Together we can achieve them! Join us and make a strong statement for women and girls!

“Running made me brave and strong. And this is what I want for all women and girls out there!” Ilse Dippmann, founder and organiser of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®

Why run with us?


Running gets you further – no matter in which part of your life. But it doesn’t have to be about performance all the time, it is about more than that. Get inspired and make a strong statement – with and for women. “The future is female” – and the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® is a part of this future!


ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® 2023

SAVE THE DATE: 04.06.2023

The ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® in 2022

Startbild ASICS Österreichischer Frauenlauf 2021

More than 18,000 participants stood together at the start line in a boisterous mood at the 34th ASICS Austrian Women's Run! Women and girls of all ages and fitness levels enjoyed the day and set an important sign for Female Power. Here you can find our report!